Fun Ways to Make Your Flowers Look Better

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Most people don’t realise how many flower containers they have around them every day! Almost anything can turn into a vase or a pot for fresh, dried or even silk flowers with a little bit of imagination and preparation. Making unusual containers might seem like a bad idea to some, but trust us, they will make your flowers stand out with their unique and fun look!

One of the things you can use is as simple as a hat.  A nice sun straw hat is probably the perfect choice but almost any other hat will do. Be sure to put the flowers in a small ceramic, glass or any waterproof container first and then place them in the hat for a fun way to emphasize on a theme. You can put them in a sun hat for a nice summer feel or a top-hat for a more classic and stylish look.

If you already have some old flower containers lying around, you can give them a small make over. There is a wide range of options with which you can make your old ceramic pots or glass vases easier on the eyes. Using some decorative foil, colourful fabric or wrapping material to line the outside of your containers will certainly transform them into a beautiful vessel for your flower arrangements.

Using Spanish moss is another good idea. It can give more texture and an earthy color to your vases. It’s perfect for pots and vases which are outdoors and it gives a more natural overall look to your garden.
Lovel arrangement in a high vase
Another idea is using a plastic candy bag. Candy bags are usually very colourful and they can be perfect for a unique container which you can use at a birthday party.

Something else you can try is using your old pair of high heels and stuffing them with some lovely flowers for a modern and fancy look.

The TL;DR of the story is, keep your eyes and mind open. Take a look at your surroundings and think “what unique and fun looking thing can I use for my flowers?” Don’t be bothered with the normal containers that everybody uses and let your artistic side take over.