Giving Flowers to men. Green orchids.

Giving Flowers to Men

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Giving Flowers to Men

how to give flowers to a man
Why send flowers to a man? Well the same reason they send flowers to women. Flowers are a beautiful addition to the workspace, the instantly make a room more cheerful and natural and they are a strong indication that your care for the recipient.

Everyone likes to feel special and men are no exception. There are many occasions where flowers or plant can be used as a thoughtful gift depending on the occasion. Just because flowers are a traditional gift a man gives to a woman doesn’t meanit’s can be turned around to make a wonderful surprise for the special man in your life.
Good occasions for sending flowers to a man are:

  • Promotion or any kind of professional achievement. When your boyfriend or husband work hard and reach a professional goal it’s a good idea to congratulate them and show how proud you are with them with a fresh flower arrangement delivered to their office. Don’t forget a thoughtful card.
  • Get well soon. Everybody has a sick day every now and again when they aren’t feeling that well. You can choose a small refreshing bouquet or plant and place it by their bed for an instant boost to their mood. It’s all about showing support and that you care for them.
  • Saying sorry. Everybody makes a mistake every now and then. No man would expect a flower bouquet as an apology, so you can use the element of surprise. Chances are he might be so surprised he might even forget what he was angry about.
  • Changing the surroundings. A man would probably never think of putting some flowers around the office. You can always suggest doing it for him and making the workspace more inviting. A good idea for an office plant would be something that is easy to take care of.
  • Birthday flowers. Everybody deserves to feel special on their birthday. A lovely flower arrangement is a great addition to any gift or plans you might have prepared for the birthday of your man.
  • Thinking of you flowers. Despite not showing it, men also like knowing that they are being thought of and loved. Show some TLC with surprise bouquet of fresh flowers.

giving flowers to a man
The rules of the thumb when choosing flowers for a man are these:

  • Make sure to choose flowers with bold and vibrant colors. Soft pastels and crème shades are considered too feminine.
  • The traditional flower arrangements might not fit the taste of some men. If yours is one of them, talk it over with your florists or consider more manly plant, like a cactus or bamboo.
  • Ask for a unique bouquet which will fit his personality. There are no classics when it comes to giving flowers to men.
  • Exotic flowers are considered to be more masculine then the usual carnations, daisies or roses. Keep that in mind.
  • Sweeten the deal to the bouquet by adding some nice treat to it. Some kind of snack like his favourite candy, nuts or some chocolate is considered a good idea.