How to Make your Home Better: Flower Decorations

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In today’s fast paced and hectic world, your home is the calm in the storm. It’s the one place where you can put your feet up and relax. You don’t have to wear a suit, you don’t have to keep up appearances, you can be yourself with the people you love.  That’s why it’s important to make your home as comfortable and relaxing as possible and the best way is with flowers.

It’s obvious that residing in a place with a comfortable and uplifting atmosphere increases the odds of a more healthy and happy lifestyle. This is where flowers come in. Decorating your living space with some fresh flowers is the perfect way to give yourself a positive boost for the rest of the day. Their vivid colors and amazing aroma reduce stress and anxiety. They give us more happiness and that happiness can spill over other aspects of our life, like our job and relationships with other people. With the huge variety of amazing shapes, sizes and colors, decorating your home with flowers can seem very complicated.

It’s not that difficult at all if you follow the guidelines of the Society of American Florists. They have classified the different types of homes into 5 catergores that will make your choice a lot easier

The 1st one is the Classic Traditional home. This style is represented by homes with formal architectures, large doors, foyers and many rooms. They often have classic-style furniture padded with different materials from silk to tapestry. The most suitable flowers for a home like this would be gladioli, roses, lilies, snapdragons, stock & hydrangeas. It’s recommended that the floral arrangements are placed in crystal, silver, porcelain or brass vases for the more classic look. Adding some greens, a bit of decorative foliage and even some dried fruit is a good idea as well.

The next type of house is the modern contemporary. These are houses with nice and smooth clean lines. Workings made of elegant fabrics, leather, synthetic materials or steel play a big part in these homes. Decorating a loft like that requires flowers that would work well with the often open and spacey rooms. Good picks for that are some lovely blooms like orchids, heliconias, callas 
and anthuriums.
All of these flowers would fit in well with the ambience of the house when placed in metallic holder, artsy pottery or clear glass depending on the situation.

Flower decorations for your home

The Victorian style home goes best with spray roses, lavender, freesias and gardenias. Victorian homes are often more romantic and thus the soft pastels like pale pink, peach, lavender are the best choices. The Casual home is focused on furniture made of more natural materials like different types of fine woods, light pine or bleached oak. The best choice for this style of home is green plants like green ivy, cyclamen or others. Last but not least it’s the American country. They are bit more homey and closer to nature. That’s why fresh field flowers like heather, wild roses and yarrow are the best choice. This type of flower decorations would look best in woven baskets along with some herbs and wreaths to complete the look.

There are many styles of homes, and whatever you go with, remember this: Flowers are always the best option to make it feel like a true home.