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Quick Guide: Meaning of Flowers

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Did you know that every type of flower holds a secret message? The fact is that the meaning of flowers has lasted through the centuries.

meaning of flowers

In ancient times the Egyptians used papyrus, lotus flowers and water lilies in a form of religious sacrifice. The papyrus is seen as a symbol of purity, fertility and rebirth. It was very important for architecture and it was widely used as decoration.

The ancient Greeks had quite a different concept for the rose than our modern view. It held the meaning of sentimental memory, sorrow for the days of passed youth. On the other hand in Ancient Rome, they were a symbol of bravery and thus roses are a very common decoration on palace arches. In England the rose is still seen as a symbol of sovereignty.

In ancient Greece, the playwright Aristophanes nick named Athens the “Violet Crowned City”, because of Ion, the legendary founder of Athens who was crowned there. His name was the exact match with the word ion, which is Greek for violet.

According to the legends, King Ion was leading his people to Attica, when he was met by water nymphs who gave him violets as a sign of their good wishes. This is how violets became the city’s emblem, and no Athenian home, temple or celebration was complete without the purple flower. Both Greeks and Romans associated violets with shyness, innocence and modesty and that notion has stayed the same through the ages.

A curious fact is that for the Japanese the chrysanthemum is seen as a symbol of divinity, rebirth, life and a gift from God. That is why it is customary to give a chrysanthemum bouquet to the parents on a newborn baby. On the other hand, for the citizens of Italy it symbolized passing and chrysanthemums are often given as a sympathy flowers for funerals.

The daffodils have been considered as the flower of honor in previous years and it is so today as well. When we give these flowers nowadays it is seen as an expression of admiration and respect. A good occasion for giving daffodils is at concerts, premiers and theatrical performances.

The gladioli have kept their meaning from ancient times as well, symbolizing sincerity and devotion to a loved one. The name Gladioli comes from the Latin word for gladius. The ancient Romans gave the name Gladioli because of the appearance and shape of the flower resembling a “little sword”. The Gladioli come in many different shapes and sizes and it’s hard not to find a a suitable form of this flowers for your bouquet or garden.
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There are thousands of flowers to chose from and all of them have separate meaning, that’s why it’s always a good idea to let a professional florist to help you achieve the best possible result with your floral arrangements and bouquets.