The Secret Between Flowers and Happiness

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The Secret Between Flowers and Happiness

How did you feel the last time you received flowers? Try and remember that moment. Do you remember how it felt when you were surprised with a beautiful fresh flower arrangement or when your friend gave you a hand-picked bouquet? We’re pretty sure it was gratitude, overwhelming happiness and pure joy.

That is not surprising really. The link between happiness and flowers has been discovered long ago. Nature has made it so from the very start that we have an easy and effective way to reduce anxiety, make us relax and improve our mental and emotional condition. Simply having flowers around us makes us more satisfied with ourselves and life in general.

A study by Rutgers has explored the correlation between happiness and flowers and has been able to find interesting results. While the link between flowers and emotions is evident, it was not known how far it goes. Now we know that flowers not only impact happiness but it also happens instantaneously. Upon receiving flowers over a 10 month period, participants in the study showed signs of true pleasure, monitored through true and genuine smiles. This effect holds true for both young and old, without age constraints.

Another fact is that the positive effect of flowers is very long lasting. The long-term, positive effects of flowers contribute to reducing depression and anxiety as well as creating a stronger sense of life satisfaction and gratification. This helps with improving your connections with other people as well. Simply keeping flowers around the house generally makes people feel far more cheerful. When placed around the house, it helps make your home more inviting to people coming to visit you there. The positive effect is long lasting and they preserve the happy feelings from your home after they leave.

Nowadays people have come up with flower therapy. It revolves around the notions that emotional and mental states can be positively influenced by flowers. The effects are tied with the shape, fragrance and color of the flowers. For example, it is thought that red roses stimulate the adrenal glands, increasing our activity. Sunflowers are capable of boosting our energy and giving us a more positive outlook. Irises give us confidence while blue-bells can help us sleep better at night.

Flowers can bring happiness to any place and everyone. Don’t hesitate to use them more in your daily life.