The unbelievable effects of flowers on people

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Flowers are a great way to make somebody’s day better or the express your feelings of joy, love, sentiment, congratulations or condolences. It’s widely considered that flowers are one of the most beautiful of nature’s gifts and that they provoke positive emotions in people. They do not require you to be deeply involved with the recipient and make for a great all around gift which you can send to everybody.

Throughout time the thought of giving flowers has evolved immensely. In prehistoric times flowers were used mostly for their medicinal properties, giving flowers was seen as a charitable thing to do. Flowers can be found in ancient scripts from Egypt, Greece and even China!

The more modern idea of giving flowers however started around the Middle Ages. Under the heavy influence of the Church, public displays of affection were forbidden, so couples started giving flowers to each other without being afraid that people will reported to the church and get them exiled. They even went as far as encoding messages related to the way the flowers were arranged.

Lovely flowerslovely flower bouquet

Messaging through flowers was used in a place you would not believe! Wartime. In the 1700s the Turkish armies would use the Language of Flowers, a Persian custom which was made popular by Charles II of Sweden. Who would have thought an innocent bouquet held the plans of entire armies!

Our current era hasn’t changed flowers much and while we do not send war plans with them a beautiful rose says a lot more than words ever could to ladies all around, especially on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s. They can also be given to people in grief and tough moments, traditionally a bouquet of flowers shows that you care and provide comfort the grieving family. Flowers are a simple and charming way to cheer up your friend and family in their time of need.

Simply by their presence flowers improve the atmosphere of the environment they are in. They make any room, office or open space more beautiful by adding color and a natural vibe. Their visual impact aside, flowers have been proven to have a positive effect of the mental state of people. They reduce stress and improve the mood of the people they are close to. Through time flowers have evolved to evoke positive emotions in us. Putting a smile on a person’s face is a powerful force.


Scientists have explored what using flowers as a gift tells about a person and how they are seen by the receiving party. The research shows that people who send flowers instead of other types of gifts are seen as successful, caring and more emotionally intelligent. Both men and women who give flowers are perceived as more happy, achieving, capable and daring. They create the impression that they are better in expressing their feelings and communicating their views and opinions in a better way. Female givers are seen as more appealing and as more respectful of beauty and nature.