Weekly Flowers Service

Weekly Flowers Service in New York and Manhattan


Many of our clients enjoyed their flowers so much that they kept on ordering on a regular basis. This is how we put the start of our Weekly Flowers Service.


If you would love to be always surrounded by the beauty of fresh flowers, you can arrange for a delivery of a custom-made design to your home or office.

It’s an easy 3-step process:

  • You can start by simply calling us at 646 878 9003¬†and we will arrange the¬†time at which one of our¬†professional floral designers¬†can come to you for a complimentary consultation.¬†It takes place when it‚Äôs most comfortable for you.
  • Our master¬†designer¬†discusses with you what we can do to achieve your vision of a fresh, stylish and elegant atmosphere for¬†your¬†location.
  • We bring¬†you a¬†FREE SAMPLE¬†of what you discussed with our designer. This means that you will¬†see how¬†BIG¬†of an impact the flowers will have¬†FOR FREE¬†and when are satisfied with the design¬†we start our business relations.¬†Afterwards we will keep bringing you flowers on a weekly basis.


You can pick the size and style of the flower arrangements and the days for the weekly delivery. You can choose from elegant arrangements for a desk, to sophisticated and impressive flower creations for your reception.

We are experienced in all design styles and our designs are always coordinated with the interior of your location.


So, call us now at: 646 878 9003 to GET A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION for your weekly flowers delivery!

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